Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Numu Arts Collective

Hi friends. Thanks to Craigslist and a growing energy for DIY art exhibitions, I've found out about a new arts collective called Numu Arts. Founded by three "jack-of-all-trades" artists, the collective seeks to inspire, challenge, and support one another through visual arts exhibitions, community-based collaborative projects, workshops/artshops, and more.

The inaugural group exhibition, "TERPSICHORE", will be held Thursday, July 16 @ the Williamsburg Music Center on Bedford Ave. & S. 5th in Brooklyn, NY. The exhibition will feature live sound/music performance, spoken word/poetry, jewelry-making, 2D & 3D artwork, live mural, an open-mic hour and more! *MeKaniKdolls will be performing a loud noise set at the exhibition.

If you'd like to get involved visit any of the following sites:
Become a Fan
or e-mail the collective at:

Monday, June 15, 2009


So, I know, I rarely use this blog for anything other than art dialogue, promotion, and updates, but in the past several hours I've becoming increasingly engaged, almost transfixed, by the power of new media in a time of great conflict. In the wake of the recent election and protests in Iran, several news organizations immediately responded, and Twitter, of all sources, became a hotspot for literally immediate, up-to-the-minute, reports of news updates, photos, links, and stories.

I would normally feel a bit wary of believing and/or adhering to Twitter posts - for the most part my followers are merely friends, artists, galleries, etc. but after spending a bit of time reading the #iranelection thread, I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of change. In a time of trauma, conflict, and violence, the Internet has become a source of dialogue, support, and more importantly, back to its roots - as a source of information connected through far-reaching networks.

Take a moment and just watch the thread. In less than a minute the option to "Refresh" tells me there are 272 more posts since I last refreshed....truly an amazing time for new media, but a scary and dangerous time for humanity in revolution.

The people of Iran are in my thoughts, and I wish for them safety, power, and revolution. Continue to fight, continue to live, and continue to believe.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


MeKaniKdolls + Matthew De Leon = THE PARADERS!!

Join us this Saturday, June 6 beginning at noon and make some noise with us! Jess Ramsay, Seyhan Musaoglu and Matthew de Leon have joined forces again to create a new, live, fluid, mobile, and crazy performance called The PARADERS, as part of this year's Bushwick Open Studios 2009.

We'll be starting at LUMENHOUSE - 47 Beaver St., Brooklyn, NY at NOON and will continue throughout the afternoon. The PARADERS is a moving performance that will move throughout the map route to the various studio spaces participating. The performance is going to be noisy, musical, joyous, loud, fun, and crazy. Join the Parade!! Everyone can participate, everyone can create.

Hope to see you there :) Make some noise!

Download the Open Studios Map & Program here:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

GREEN LIGHT GO - 4/22 - MeKaniKdolls perform

I'll be participating in a group show entitled "GREEN LIGHT GO" at the newly-opened Gallery 151 in Manhattan. The opening will be Wednesday, April 22 from 7-10 PM. MeKaniKdolls will have a sound sculpture installed as well as a one-night performance at the opening, at 8PM sharp.

To RSVP email:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

*Call for Artwork: BUSHWICK VISUALS by MeKaniKdolls**

BUSHWICK VISUALS - collective video project composed by MeKaniKdolls

On April 25th, Lumenhouse will be hosting a benefit to ensure their continued presence in Bushwick. Lumenhouse has been incredibly generous to Arts in Bushwick, donating their space for many events including AIB benefit for Bushwick Open Studios. Please help us help them.

We would like to compile a collection of digital visuals that will reflect on the creative energy of the Bushwick community, bringing the collective experience together to re-compose a video projection as part of the benefit event paired with the after party. We believe it is crucial in these times of economic hardship to stress the importance of creative community, and to keep alive the artistic support in the spirit of maintaining this important institution — Lumenhouse.


- Submit any digital visual (photography and/or video) that reflects your experience in the community and the neighborhood. The visuals should be in the manner of short snapshots of people, places, events, objects and experiences.

-Along with your submission please include: Name, E-Mail, and How you found out about the project.

-Preferred method of submission is via email attachment at BUSHWICKVISUALS@GMAIL.COM

*For large files up to 2GB, you can upload the file to our Dropbox on YouSendIt at :

**Accepted Formats**

-Photographs should be in the following formats: JPEG or TIFF @ 72dpi (minimum)

-Video is accepted in the following formats: Quicktime MOV, MP4, or AVI (all compressed)

-The submissions should be: unedited, with no titles or credits, no trailers

**Please keep in mind that these images and videos will be re-composed as part of a new, live video piece, constructed as a dynamic visual as part of the after party DJ set. The new compilation will be manipulated by the performance sound project MeKaniKdolls. Participating individuals will be credited.**

-And remember — You do not need to be visual artist - We want submissions from everyone.

For more information and/or questions about the project please visit our Blog: - or - via email at

For more about the artists MeKaniKdolls visit:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MeKaniKdolls & Kyoung eun Kang @ Dutch Kills Gallery

Dutch Kills Gallery is proud to announce their Inaugural Group Exhibition. After finishing our performance at SITE fest on Saturday, we'll be making a mad dash to Queens for our second performance of the night, along with our good friend Kyoung eun Kang.

Kyoung eun Kang performs "Gache" at 9PM; MeKaniKdolls perform live at 10:00PM
Other artists include: Mira Aldridge, Kit Brown, Graciela Cassel, Whitey Flagg, Loli Kantor, Isaiah King, Niki Kriese, Kendrick Mar, Tom McCloskey, Nicole Parcher

37-24 24th St. Suite 402
Long Island City, NY
Take N/W train UPTOWN to 36th Ave (Queens).

Hope to see you there!

For more info on the gallery, visit
For more info about Kyoung, visit

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MeKaniKdolls @ SITE Festival

This weekend, March 7 & 8 is SITE Festival, created and sponsored by Arts in Bushwick. MeKaniKdolls are excited to be a part of the fest and are performing Saturday night at 8:30PM at LUMENHOUSE. Directions and details are below. Hope to see you there :)

47 Beaver St.
Brooklyn, NY

Take JMZ train to FLUSHING AVE. Click HERE for map.